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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2023 | 7-9PM

Virtual (Zoom link will be provided upon registration)

Free for Members and a $25 nominal fee for Non-Members!

Ready to Elevate Your Business with Faith-Fueled Power?

Bestfriend in Faith presents the Masterclass:

“Divine Blueprint Unveiled: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs of Faith”


Discover the "Divine Blueprint Unveiled" masterclass, an extraordinary journey where faith, business, and purpose intertwine. Gain actionable insights to navigate the business world with unwavering integrity while marketing yourself as a dynamic business owner, kingdom entrepreneur, and woman of faith. Unveil the blueprint for success and growth while staying true to your values. Elevate your business with authenticity and purpose. 


This event is available virtually, as we delve into the art of authentic self-marketing and maintaining steadfast faith while excelling in the business world.

Secure your spot now to embark on this empowering journey!

Hosted by Britney T Jones, Founder of Bestfriend in Faith, and facilitated by the dynamic Bri’Ann Stephens, a successful kingdom entrepreneur and woman of faith, this masterclass will equip you with invaluable insights and practical strategies to elevate your entrepreneurial journey.




Secure your spot now for this exclusive masterclass experience, whether you join us virtually or in-person. Don’t miss this chance to learn from the remarkable Bri’Ann Stephens, as we empower and equip you to market yourself with authenticity, navigate the business world with integrity, and soar unwaveringly towards your divine purpose.

Registration is limited, so secure your place today and join us for this transformative masterclass presented by Bestfriend in Faith. Get ready to embark on a journey of faith-driven entrepreneurship like never before!

  • Discovering the Power of Authenticity: Learn how embracing your true self can become a catalyst for success and attract the right opportunities.

  • Merging Faith and Business: Gain practical strategies for aligning your faith with your business endeavors, creating a harmonious and purpose-driven enterprise.

  • Building a Brand that Reflects Your Values: Uncover the secrets of developing a brand that speaks to your audience while upholding your principles and Ethical Business Practices: Explore the significance of ethical decision-making in the business world and how it can lead to long-term success and fulfillment.

  • Q&A Session with Bri’Ann Stephens: Get the opportunity to ask your burning questions and receive personalized advice from Bri’Ann, drawing from her experiences as a successful kingdom entrepreneur.

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